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The Betel leaf Plant is a herb that is a member of the pepper household. It is identified for its shining inexperienced color and heart-shaped leaves.  The Betel leaf plant is a flexible plant used for cooking and for medication. It is native to India the place it is broadly identified for its use in making a well-known Indian dessert Paan. Studying methods to develop Betel leaf plant is not troublesome as long as have the ample necessities.

This wholesome herb is appropriate to develop in containers and in hanging baskets. Nevertheless, because it originates from Asia, it is troublesome to search out its seed and develop it from the seeds. Due to this fact, it is higher to develop it from root division or slicing. Moreover, it is an adaptable herb that may develop in chilly and sizzling climates.

However earlier than studying methods to develop betel leaf plant, you must also know why to develop it. Persons are more and more rising this herb for its helpful results on well being. Chewing this plant alone will enhance digestion, stop carcinogenesis of the oral cavity, helps keep correct oral hygiene, deal with wart, cough, and headache, and Treatment constipation.

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