Modern bedroom decor ideas can be found in some sources today. There are some people who like to make modern bedroom style in their home because they like something minimalist and simple. You don’t need to add more furniture in your bedroom and your bedroom will look neat and tidy. How about finding the best bedroom decor to welcome summer 2018? Summer is related to something warm, flowers and something cheerful. You can combine modern bedroom style with something warmer look.

Sometimes, modern bedroom decor is related with something cold and plain. Actually you can make it more fun and cheerful by adding some colors in your bedroom. It is good for you to add seasonal flowers and crops. You can add wall art or painting with summer colors such as orange, red and some other warm colors. You can add bird and bugs decoration as wall art or as decoration in your shelves. People usually will add simple white and black color or neutral color for their modern bedroom, you can improve it when you like to make it warmer than an ordinary contemporary look.

You can play with flooring too. When we talk about modern bedroom, we usually find rug without patterns and with neutral colors or black color for rug. You can choose to add warm color for your rug to add a warm feeling in your bedroom. You can choose to use wool rugs too or other types of flooring that will make your bedroom better. You can discuss with your interior designer to get a better modern bedroom with a summer look. You can play with window treatments, curtains, or furniture inside your bedroom too. It is good to add a pattern for your curtain but please make sure that you don’t apply to many decorations that will make you forget with modern design as the main design for your bedroom. It is time for you to create summer bedroom decor in your bedroom.

image source : pinterest.com

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