Shabby chic bedroom ideas can be applied for you who like to design bedrooms for your daughter. This shabby chic gives charm and female look to the bedroom. When people choose to apply shabby chic design, it means they must add vintage style in the bedroom.

In this modern era, people can combine vintage style with something more modern but still look feminine. There are some important keys that you must consider when you like to make a bedroom with shabby chic ideas.

One of shabby chic bedroom ideas for adult that you can apply is choosing a mattress that is suitable with a shabby chic bedroom. Shabby chic bedroom usually will use a mattress and bedding with a simple and girly look. You can choose a bedding frame from iron or steel to make your bedroom in a shabby chic look.

Bedding and mattress will become focal points in your bedroom. That is why choosing the right bedding style and mattress is very important. For a bedding sheet, you can choose floral print with warm colors for the best choice.

You need to mix minimal color in order to get maximum detail. There are some colors that are related with shabby chic colors such as soft pastels, mint green, light pink, yellow and also blue. You can choose colors that will give vintage appeal to your bedroom. It is good for you to choose wallpaper with a shabby chic theme too. You can embrace craftsmanship with artisan picks too.

Shabby chic style is often called as feminine style. You can add flowers for decoration in the bedroom. It will add a fresh look in the bedroom and at the same time it is a sign of feminine style. It is also related to romantic style. There are some bedroom ideas that you can find in some sources. You can start to apply shabby chic bedroom ideas now in your daughter’s bedroom.

image source : pinterest.com

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