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When we want to live in a city, apartments are the most affordable place we can get. Most of the actual property, like a house, is basically expensive. Because of that, apartments will be the most comfortable place to live while we’re working or taking a study at the university. To make your apartment look beautiful even though it’s not so spacious and cheaper, in this article, we will answer that. Improving your apartment on the budget is a good idea, especially in this modern day.

The first thing we need to do is basically to repaint all of the apartment’s walls and ceiling. The most affordable theme to apply when we don’t have a lot of budget is definitely the minimalist style theme. The minimalist theme’s wall and ceiling color is using neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, pastels, or silver. If you want a beautiful and modern apartment, then use white and gray combination. They are suitable for your taste of style. However, if you want something colorful and feminine, then try to repaint the walls and ceiling with pastels colors. Pastel colors are basically a desaturated version or whiten/lighten version of the base color. As for the examples, red desaturated into pink and blue into blue mint. Improve your apartment on the budget by using the minimalist theme.

Finally, as for the furniture, we don’t need a lot but only essentials, such as a table, bed, wardrobe, and chair. It is because you’re just moving into a city, but it will be best to keep them less but spacious if you applied the minimalist theme. Because it will be best to save money to buy beautiful furniture one by one. So, that’s it. It is the most and simplest way to improve your apartment on the budget.

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