Do you want to make a DIY flower tower? If so, you need to know the best ways to make it. Remember that when you create it, you will get the best garden for your home. You can start to make your first flower tower. You can choose your gardening as the best place to make flower power. However, you don’t need to be afraid when making it because it is too easy.

The first is you have to prepare all of the preparation you need. You need to prepare a large flower pot, soil, flowers, landscape fabric and also zip ties. When you do that, it will help you to make the best garden. So, make sure you prepare all of the preparation before you make it. Here are the best ways you can make a DIY flower tower.

The first is you need to fencing and unroll it around 3 feet. It will help you to snip and apart from the cylinder that will fit you in the flower container. However, it will help you to fit your inside while you do in the container. However, you should overlap a little secure cylinder. Then, you can add the zip ties to trim it.

After that, you have to cut your pot and make a DIY flower tower of landscape fabric through measuring it. You can measure it around your container and be cutting it. However, you can also make sure that your fabric overlaps and dirt can escape. After all, you can cut a slit through the top fabric and use your hold zip tie.

The next is you can fill the cylinder with your dirt around 1/3 and add it with water. After that, you can fill it with another. After that, you can fill it and add a little more water to it. When you add the water, it will help you to give the compact and stay in place while adding the flower. So, you will easily get the best DIY flower tower.

image source : pinterest.com

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