If we live in the downtown of the city, can we build a garden even though there is no actual soil or something like that? Well, no, but actually yes. Let just pretend that we live in an apartment. We live in the upper side ones, and there’s only a balcony. There are many small garden ideas you can apply and transform that balcony into a garden. With the correct style, you can make your own modern garden that is even friendly to your budget.

First of all, you may want to repaint some parts of the garden. You can start with the minimalist style if you want a friendly budget. The minimalist is basically using neutral colors as its paint, such as white, black, silver, gray, and pastels. It is your choice to pick which neutral color will be the best for your small garden ideas. They are literally the same because they are the ones that are able to create the illusion of spaciousness. In other words, no matter how small your garden is, the garden will look spacious.

Secondly, install some containers around the edges of the garden. As we know, the container is different from pots because pots usually only have one type of plant, but containers have a lot of different kinds of plants. A lot of different plants will have the same characteristics, such as have the same color. So, it is basically a creative idea to make a modern small garden transformation in the balcony.

Finally, you can install any other additional decoration you want. But, as my recommendation, it will be best to make illusionary decor such as a mirror. It will make your garden look spacious, even though it is actually small. Minimalist is one of the best small garden ideas in the modern age.

image source : pinterest.com

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