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We all know that the bathroom is the best place to rest. Hot or cold water can relieve our stiffness after we come home from work. Even some people fall asleep when they take a bath. European bathroom design, such as the Spanish tile bathroom ideas, is one of the most popular bathroom designs that everybody wants to apply. To apply it, we really need a lot of budget. So, as long as we have the money, then we can have our own Spanish or other Europeans style bathroom in our house.

Historically, the Spanish tile bathroom is a combination of three cultures. One is from the country where Leonardo da Vinci lived, Italy. The second one is from Turkey. Then, the last one is from the land of gods, Greece. The elements of these three different lands and three different cultures make a perfect combination to maximize the elegant beauty of a bathroom. So, when you enter the bathroom, you will feel like time-traveling to the past, which is the age of the European Renaissance and Age of Spanish Colonial. I’m sure that everybody will love the Spanish tile bathroom ideas. I mean, who doesn’t?

Usually, the Spanish bathroom is designed to be elegant with the color of sunny in the bright summer. It is basically dominant with the yellow, orange, and other similar kinds. Bright white can do the job too. Moreover, the bright white Spanish bathroom is quite popular to apply, and it is friendly for the budget. Because white is a color used in the minimalist theme. However, it is quite a good idea to apply the minimalist Spanish tile bathroom ideas if you’re creative enough to design them. Are you interested in the Spanish bathroom idea? I’m sure you will love it and enjoy the elegant bath.

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