Room saving project ideas can help you to make your tiny house look better. Some people suffer with their tiny house. They feel bored and they can’t do all things because they use more space for so many things. In order to make your tiny house look larger and more effective, you need to know some clever space saving ideas for your tiny house.

First you need to suspend the nightstand. What you need to do is add floating tables so you can use more space when you don’t use your table again. Second, you must be creative in using all spaces in your tiny house. You need to put shelves or storage space in unexpected places. It makes you have a secret room in your tiny house. Third, in order to make your tiny house design look better, you need to give kitchen counter-tops a lift. For your bathroom and kitchen area, you can also re-purpose your sink so it will look better and you can save more space.

How about color and lighting for your tiny house? You must be careful in choosing the right color. It is good to choose neutral color for all things in your tiny house because it gives a larger look or effect for your small home. When you like to add lighting, you can hang out your lighting so it will not use space in your house. Adding a sliding door will be good and it can be a solution for you who have a tiny house. You can use below your stair area for your storage space too. It can be used to store so many things in your home. The last thing that you must do is re-imagine your closet. You can search some ideas related to room saving project that can save more money too in some sources.

image source : pinterest.com

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