If you have small houses, then you surely want to make them appear big and more spacious than the real thing. To do that, you can actually make use of the bedroom mirror that usually lies around everywhere.

This bedroom mirror can really help you to make the room appear bigger by creating an optical illusion. With this mirror you can create optical illusion that will mimic the view in front of the mirror.

Thus, it will appear as if the room is twice as large since the mirror reflect the view in front of it. By using this technique, you can actually make your small bedroom appear larger than the actual size.

Of course, you need to make sure that the room itself is good enough to be reflected on the mirror. The room should also appear clean and clear so the reflection will make everyone that sees it think there is another room beyond the mirror.

Bedroom mirror comes in any size which means you can easily set up everything anywhere that you want. But you should be very careful when using this item since it will really affect the method that you use to decorate the bedroom interior.

The easiest method that you can do is by putting the mirror on the very far back of the bedroom. That way, the mirror will be able to capture the whole bedroom and reflect it so it will create optical illusion that the room is larger.

By using this method, it will also draw your eyes to the mirror which add better effect to the optical illusion that you want to use. Of course, this is also affected by the size of the mirror, but if you want to get biggest impact, then bigger bedroom mirror is better. Here are some ways, that you can use to put the mirror around your bedroom.

image source : pinterest.com

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