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In all parent’s life, having a baby will surely give new meaning to your life. And what makes it even more exciting is the fun things that comes with it. One of the fun things that you can do is to decorate the nursery.

There are a lot of things that you can use in the nursery which will surely make the nursery not only appear fun but also comfortable at the same time. One of the items that you need to use for the newborn baby is a bassinet.

This item is very beautiful since it is crafted using wicker or rattan which appear very natural. Not to mention that the craftwork itself is very beautiful which make everyone love to use the item.

Furthermore, you can actually use this bassinet for the baby for a long time up to they are already four months old. Even though the item itself is very beautiful, but a lot of people still want to decorate them to make it appear more beautiful.

Not to mention that the decoration can also be used to make the bassinet feels even more comfortable. It will give warm feeling to the rattan bassinet which will make the nursery feel warm as well.

Of course, you can also use decoration, not only inside the bassinet but also around them as well. You can use any color that you want to decorate them as this bassinet can blend well with most color.

Normally linen material will be used as it is another natural material which will blend well with the rattan material. Of course, you can use other material such as wool according to your need and liking.

Then you might also want to try adding some decoration above the bassinet area so everything will appear complete. To inspire you, you might want to see the decoration method we gather here that make everything appear stylish.

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