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When we live in a small house, we definitely will decorate and redesign most parts of the home into a lovely and spacious place of living. There are many ways to make every room being spacious. Most popular way is by using the minimalist theme concept. But today, our only focus here is about creating an optical illusion of spaciousness in the bedroom with a mirror. Luckily, the mirror itself is actually one of many minimalist theme aspects we can apply in the small house. Don’t worry about the budget, bedroom mirrors usually are affordable to buy in any local store. Except if you made a commissioned order on the internet.

What kind of mirrors we need is basically just a big rectangular size one. If you’re just getting married, it is recommended to save money. In other words, we don’t need a fancy mirror yet. Remember, “Yet.” The most strategic way to put the mirror is on the wall beside the bed.

Before we place the mirror, it will be best to repaint the wall first. The best kind of color that matches with bedroom mirrors is definitely the neutral colors kind. There are many kinds, such as white, silver, gray, black, and pastels. Based on my point of view, there are two neutral colors that are suitable with the mirror, and they are the white and the silver. Just by applying one of these neutral colors, you will be able to create an optical illusion in your bedroom. Somehow, it made the room look spacious than its actual size.

As a summary, to make your bedroom looks spacious than the actual size, we need to put a mirror on the wall beside the bed. Bedroom mirrors will perfectly match if you repaint the whole bedroom with neutral colors, such as white and silver.

image source : pinterest.com

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