When thinking about coastal design then you must be thinking about the beach with beautiful blue ocean and white colored sand that appear very beautiful. This is why, the design is very popular to be used as interior design everywhere not only around the French area.

The reason might not only because of the beauty that this design has, but also because people love the taste of seaside living that this theme bring to their house. Thus, even though your house is not located near the beach, you can actually bring the same feeling to your own house by using this theme.

The best thing is, then you design house interior using this theme, you can actually use various style. For example, you can use rustic style or more modern and elegant style which both can blend well with the design.

When it comes for the color pallet that you can use for this coastal design, you can use coastal inspired color such as sand white, ocean blue, light green, teal and many others. Most of the time, this theme is filled with neutral and natural color which makes the design appear warm.

To make it even better, you can also add different style item such as wicker or other craft that you found on your local area. This design can really take any style and blend it perfectly into your interior. Especially since the color scheme that appear neutral which means, it is the perfect backdrop for any kind of items that you love.

Do not forget to think about comfort when creating the design since this theme is also known for the comfortable feeling that it has. If you want to know more about this coastal design, then try to take some inspiration from these ideas we have gather. These ideas are created from beautiful interior designs that we have spotted using French coastal theme.

image source : pinterest.com

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